Solarsystems and Starships

Solarsystems and Starships

Just had an idea for a D&D-like campaign. I might work out a more complete adventure module later.

Humans have advanced far enough to travel between the stars. The new frontier is infinitly large and dangerous. Your starship encounters an unknown vortex and gets sucked into a solarsystem. The captain decides to land on a class M planet, the 5th from the sun. Normally space travel is smooth but somehow it feels like you're flying through a liquid instead of vacuum. Systems start to fail one by one and during one of the rumblings you get knocked unconciousness. You wake up on a strange planet. An automated escape pod mechanism wrapped you in protective shell and created a safe landing, altough luck played its part by providing you a relative safe crash location.

As you look around you can't immediatly find the crash site of your ship, nor are their any smoking pillars in sight. Your protective shell is slowly starting to loose its concistency, it is a one-shot design. You only have your standard uniform on which acts like a second skin layer, insulating you from acid, bacteria, fire, and water. A marvelous design that can even regenerate partly when cut and it will hold its own in a skirmish.

Your nano implants function like a super computer inside your own body, with the characteristics of a VI. Basically an AI except that it must be told what to learn, this is done because most people don't want to feel like another person lives inside them. The nanobots can alter your upper dermal layer as a display and communicate as if someone spoke directly to you. They can sense temperature, vibrations, and chemical compositions using your fingers or feet. They can alter bodily functions to improve health or stamina. Receive and analyze EM signals. And they are charged by your own thermal output. They also form a large internal database with the collective knowledge of your species and realtime recording capacity of a year. And are capable of making analytical choices based on historical references and current data. They are the ultimate companion and most humans depend on them in everyday life for every task they perform.

With only your uniform and VI you head out into this strange world. Slowly you discover it is more alien then you'd expect. Almost magical with seemingly impossible things such as walking plants and talking animals. Rocks that glow or float. Suddenly you realize it is almost like a fantasy realm.

Adventure paths and goals:

  • Find out where you are and what or whom can help you.
  • Find other survivors, or debris.
  • Find a method to return to home.
  • Find out why you crashed.
  • Discover a fantasy world with a scifi approach.

Efflam Mercier Landscape


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